5 Types of Nun Hats You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered about the different types of headdresses nuns wear? You may have seen them in movies or in real life, but have you ever paid attention to the variations in their headwear? Well, in this article, we will take a closer look at the different types of nun headwear and their significance.

To fully understand the significance and differences in each head covering, we will dive deeper into the history and symbolism behind these headwear. We will explore the various orders of nuns and their distinct headwear, shedding light on their cultural and religious significance.

So, let’s get started and learn more about the intriguing world of nun headdresses!

What is Nun’s Hat Called?

The coif worn by a nun is comprised of several distinct elements, each with its own function and purpose. The band that rests upon the forehead and sits beneath the coif is called as the bandeau. The veil is a long and flowing piece of cloth that extends from the coif and drapes down the back of the nun. Covering the neck and upper chest is a small piece called the wimple. When all these elements are worn together, they form the nun’s complete attire, commonly called as the habit.

Why Nun Wear Headwear?

The practice of nuns covering their hair serves multiple purposes. It demonstrates modesty, which is a central aspect of their religious devotion. By covering their hair, nuns are able to safeguard themselves against being objectified by individuals with immoral intentions. This is especially important given the prevalence of individuals who may harbor perverse thoughts towards them.

Types of Nun Hats 

1. The Cornette

Die Klosterschwester, die einem Mönch zur Flucht verhalf im ‘Gefängnis Montelupich’ in Krakau

The Cornette is perhaps the most recognizable type of nun hat. This unique headpiece features a starched, white, wing-shaped veil that protrudes from the head and drapes down the back. The Cornette originated in France in the 15th century and was worn by the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. Today, it is still worn by some religious orders, particularly in France and Belgium.

2. Coif

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The Coif is a simple, white linen cap that covers the head and neck. It was often worn by nuns during the medieval period and was an important part of their religious habit. While it is not as commonly worn today, some religious orders still use the Coif as part of their habit.

3. Veil


The Veil is a simple, rectangular piece of fabric that covers the head and falls down the back. It is typically made of black or white material, depending on the religious order, and is worn by both nuns and sisters. The Veil is an important symbol of religious dedication and is often worn during religious ceremonies.

4. Wimple

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The Wimple is a type of veil that covers the head and neck, and is often worn with a white coif. It was popular in the Middle Ages and was worn by both nuns and laywomen. Today, it is still worn by some religious orders, particularly those in Europe.

5. Bonnet

The Bonnet is a small, white cap that is worn over the head and tied under the chin. It was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries and was worn by both nuns and laywomen. Today, it is not commonly worn by religious orders, but can still be seen in some traditional communities.


Nun Hats are a unique and fascinating part of religious attire. From traditional veiled bonnets to more modern and stylish options, there are a wide variety of Nun Hats wear by Nun or Sisters.

With their rich history and diverse range of styles, these hats are sure to capture your interest and leave a lasting impression.

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